Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue

Samsung has already confirmed that a "short supply" of the Pebble Blue model of its new Galaxy S III smartphone will be available in some regions during the next 2-3 weeks. The delay, as we know, is related to issues with the Pebble Blue paint. It's unclear if this was a factory mistake or an issue with the actual paint used, but we now have an image of the exact issue at hand. The above image is reportedly a Pebble Blue Galaxy S III gone bad. You can see it looks like it was dropped in water — there are splotches and markings all over the back of the phone. It's not exactly what you'd want to see out of the box. This is really no big deal, though — Samsung is working on quality control and won't ship the units until they meet the "highest internal quality standards." We imagine most manufacturers deal with these issues all of the time, Samsung's in the spotlight because it happened with its flagship phone, though.

[via SamMobile]