Samsung’s new Gear S3 smartwatch packs Samsung Pay support out of the box. That means you’ll be able to drop your wrist to a payment terminal and pay for goods with your smartwatch. It even offers magnetic secure transmission support, also featured in Samsung’s smartphones, which means it’ll work on terminals that don’t have NFC. We originally thought you might need a Samsung smartphone for this function to work, but Samsung recently confirmed that isn’t the case.

Android Central asked Samsung via Twitter if Samsung Pay will work when the device is paired with any Android smartphone. “Samsung Pay works on the Gear S3 with other Android devices running 4.4 KitKat or above,” the company replied. This is good news for Android fans, especially those looking for a top-notch smartwatch. Just keep in mind, you need to use your watch for payments, not your phone.

Great news for Android fans

Android Wear has been in limbo for a bit now, with some manufacturers admitting they aren’t planning to build new products. The Gear S3, with full support for other Android phones, means anyone can pick one up. I actually hadn’t been aware of this myself and, as an iPhone and Pixel XL user, I’d mostly been wearing an Apple Watch. Now I’m compelled to think I’ll give the Gear S3 a whirl.

The Gear S3 launches around the world beginning today.