Samsung is exploring ways to bring its mobile payment platform — Samsung Pay — to non-premium Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy J series, reveals Mashable.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the expansion will commence in India in the coming months, though it’s safe to assume that it’ll be restricted to a small group of users at first.

As this is new ground for Samsung, the firm will reportedly use its findings in India to determine whether it’s viable to enable Samsung Pay on budget-friendly handsets in other markets.

At present, the service relies on fingerprint recognition as a means of authentication. However, most low-end smartphones don’t sport a reader, which means users will need to enter a PIN before making a payment.

So what devices will be compatible? Well, surprisingly, most of the company’s latest entry-level and mid-range smartphones have the hardware capability to support Samsung Pay.

Why now?

It’s believed that Samsung’s decision to bring Samsung Pay to non-premium devices is a response to the Indian government’s recent move towards demonetization, as electronic payment solutions have since seen an exponential growth in transactions.