We’re still waiting for Samsung Pay to launch on our smartphones, but for now the company has something else to share. Samsung announced on Wednesday that its payment service is heading to smart TVs in an effort to simplify the process of buying apps and content on your Samsung television.

Samsung Pay on TV will let you make purchases by simply clicking “Pay Now” and typing in a PIN code. You’ll first have to set the service up by connecting your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Samsung also has a new virtual Secure Keyboard for protecting that information when you’re typing it in.

Once you’re set up you’ll be be able to buy new games and apps on your TV with just a few clicks. For now the service is limited to just a handful of games, including Deer Hunter, Eternal Warrior 3, Golf Star and Casino World Championship. Samsung says more games, content and in-app purchases are coming soon, along with other “exciting enhancements.”

To try out the new service you’ll need a Samsung Smart TV from 2014 or 2015. It’s also limited to 32 countries for now, with some payment methods and features only available in certain regions.