Samsung is expected to follow-up last year's Galaxy Note Edge with another curved handset next month. We're still not sure exactly what to expect from the rumored Galaxy S Edge, but a new design patent granted to the South Korean company this weekend could potentially reveal what Samsung has planned.

First spotted by Patently Mobile, the patent describes a "mobile phone" with rounded edges on both the left and right side. The display actually wraps all the way around, offering a row of icons along each side of the device from the front and back. The rear buttons looks like they provide shortcuts, which could be useful for launching the camera app and snapping photos with the rear camera.

Samsung also hints at a bizarre new feature that involves a pop-up design at the top of the device. Unfortunately, the patent doesn't offer any explanation, though it's possible the extending module could house an extra camera or even a high-powered flash. It might also be that rumored "special function" the company has been hinting at.

Of course, there's no guarantee this is what the Galaxy S Edge will actually look like, or if this is the device in question. Samsung tests out tons of different designs for each new device, so this could be just one of many possible concepts for the rumored handset. The South Korean company is expected to unveil the new smartphone at an event set for March 1. Hopefully the real thing looks just as cool.