Samsung’s S Pen is one of the best styluses around, but it only comes with a few high-end Galaxy Note devices. Now a new patent suggests the company could bring its digital pen to more devices with a specially designed smartphone case.

The patent, which was published in Korea, hints at a phone case with extra space for a stylus. Based on the cutouts, which include space for a physical home button, it looks like this model was designed for other Galaxy devices. However, it’s possible Samsung could offer a similar accessory for other Android devices or even an iPhone.

Of course, adding S Pen support isn’t as simple as attaching a stylus slot. Samsung’s Note series includes extra hardware built into the display, along with special software designed to take advantage of the technology. So even if the S Pen could work with another phone it probably wouldn’t be as good of an experience.

There’s also no guarantee this patent will ever become an actual product. For now it’s just an idea thought up by someone at Samsung, but we’re curious to see if the company could actually make this concept a reality.