A new patent filed by Samsung suggests the company wants to bring the concept of palm reading to an all-new level.

According to SamMobile, a patent application details a method that will allow users to get a password hint simply by scanning their palm. The feature doesn’t appear to be designed as a replacement for a fingerprint sensor, but it could be a unique way to hide sensitive information.

When the feature is in action, users will be required to take a photo of their palm for identification purposes. If the lines on their palm matches with what’s in Samsung’s records, a hint for their login password will be shown in their palm’s lines.

The gallery at the bottom of this post demonstrates what this method would look like.

A device like the Galaxy S8 offers a trio of different biometric options, including retina scanning, facial recognition, and a fingerprint sensor. It’s unclear if (or when) Samsung will introduce a palm-scanning feature.

There have been reports suggesting Samsung may introduce a device with a fingerprint sensor beneath the display, along with more advanced facial recognition. The Korean company is expected to tease the Galaxy S9 at CES early next year, so we should have a better idea of its biometric plans soon.