Samsung Galaxy S2 - Chart - Comparing

Fallout over Apple’s patent win over Samsung seems to have reached existing Samsung smartphone owners.  Electronics reseller has reported a 50 percent increase in sales of Samsung mobile phones.  The online reseller claims the uptick in sales happened right around the time of the court verdict.

The company’s chief gadget officer, Anthony Scarsella, believes “consumers in general could be shying away from purchasing these devices going forward. Some people are panicking.” Including what Scarsella claims has been a 10% drop in price to the Galaxy S II, one of the more widely-sold phones on the Apple requested retail-banned Samsung list.  I’d like reemphasize: “who is still buying these phones?”

There may be some truth to the Gazelle’s assumptions, but we believe there are additional factors at play: (a) the possibility that most of these phones are nearing if not at the end of their contract terms; (b) the great smartphone deals in time for back to school; (c) anticipation for announced or soon to be announced phones, including the many we’ve seen announced at IFA this week.  Probably a combination of all events.  For those of you carrying “banned” phones are you planning on keeping them or trading them in for a new iPhone, Galaxy SIII, Note II, HTC One X (plus), Windows 8 Phone?

[Source: DetroitFreePress]