Samsung GalaxyTab - Ice Cream Sandwich

The ongoing saga of Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the original GalaxyTab and Galaxy S phone got a new, even odder, chapter today.

Samsung has been having a rough time with what is going to happen with the next iteration of the Android operating system and two of its most popular products from 2010.  First they said that the devices would not be getting the update, but after users complained they said they would take another look at the situation.  A new report out of Korea says that the company is examining the potential of a "value pack" that would see some features being customized for the two devices, but it would not involve a full OS update.

Apparently the plan calls for new functionality to Android 2.3 such as web browsing, multi-tasking, new widgets and so on.

The issue still remains that the infamous Samsung TouchWiz interface is taking up way too much of the system memory to get a full working version of Ice Cream Sandwich onto these popular devices.  While many readers have called for the company to simply dump TouchWiz so that they can get the latest and greatest software, that just doesn't seem to be an option that Samsung is willing to consider.

Hopefully Samsung will have some form of definitive answer to its plans soon, but for now it remains squarely in the realm of speculation and rumors.

What do you think Samsung should do about getting ICS on to the original GalaxyTab and Galaxy S?

[via SammyHub]