Following Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the Korean company assured owners replacement units wouldn’t come equipped with exploding batteries. While it remains to be seen whether the issue is completely in the rearview, a Wall Street Journal report claims Samsung is looking into reports of new Note 7 units overheating—to the point where they’re unusable.

According to the report, users in the U.S. and South Korea have apparently complained about new Note 7s becoming so hot during use that contact with skin became an issue. Samsung allegedly promised to replace one person’s device after they reported it to the company. Keep in mind, the device was already a replacement.

Samsung issued a statement to the WSJ saying “all smartphones may experience temperature fluctuations,” which is certainly true. But considering how badly the Note 7 launch has been, you can’t blame owners for being alarmed. The Korean company told the WSJ that the recent issue does not pose a safety concern.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced an unprecedented smartphone recall when it discovered millions of early Note 7 units contained faulty batteries. The company said the new units being shipped to the U.S. and other countries would not contain any battery issues—there’s even a software update for new units that turns the battery indicator green; a symbol of safety, according to Samsung.

It’s not unusual for phones to get so hot they shut down. Under the circumstances, however, it’s not a good look for Samsung right now, especially when new Note 7s are reportedly exploding overseas.