In 2018, the Galaxy S9 represents a more relaxed strategy. The 2018 flagship from Samsung is still a beast but its design isn’t too different from last year’s model. Next year and beyond, there will definitely be pressure on the company to push boundaries.

Even though Samsung is known as an industry leader that makes trends rather than follows, the future of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series might borrow from its biggest competitor.

As we reported on earlier, Samsung is thinking about creating a phone that features a notch at the top of its display. The company filed for a patent that includes the signature notch from Apple’s iPhone X. Rather than slim bezels above and beneath the display with the sides being nonexistent, the phone in the patent reveals an edge-to-edge display all around.

It got us thinking, so we collaborated with designer Ben Geskin on a concept showing what such a phone would actually look like. Samsung may not be doing it anytime soon, but there could be a future Galaxy-branded flagship with a notch.

The concept reveals both the front and back of Samsung’s patent-based phone. Up front, there’s the notch. It’s surrounded to left, right, and bottom by a Super AMOLED panel. We don’t have measurements, but Samsung would probably stay in the neighborhood of 6 inches. Samsung, as well as others, benefit from edge-to-edge displays because the screen size can increase while maintaining a compact body.

Samsung’s advantage to introduce an edge-to-edge display is experience. Since last year, it’s provided Apple with its custom OLED panel. But the company has years of experience creating unique displays for its mobile devices, computers, smartwatches, and televisions.

With a future Galaxy S or Galaxy note, the company could create exactly the type of display it wants to stunning sharpness and color accuracy.

Around the back you’ll see a dual-camera setup with the lenses aligned horizontally, but the patent is unlikely to be indicative of Samsung’s plans. It’s believed to be a placeholder. Samsung is known for putting its camera module near the center of a phone’s backside. The focus here should be on the notch, which would store the front-facing camera as well as sensors for facial recognition.

Aside from the notch-friendly patent, Samsung also submitted paperwork for an edge-to-edge display that’s unobstructed in any way. The edge-to-edge display reaches the perimeter on every side. While this seems a lot more ambitious, Samsung could be close to making the unique design a reality.

Back in January, the company was spotted with a patent that features physical components within the display. Samsung would put the earpiece, camera, ambient light sensor, and iris scanner in their normal positions have the display wrap around them.

If you’re interested in the bezel-less design, check out the gallery below.