It looks like Samsung is just about ready to bring the Nexus S to AT&T if the company’s website is any indication.

Google Nexus S on AT&T


The folks over at PocketNow have found a placeholder on Samsung’s site that clearly indicates that the Nexus S is coming to AT&T very soon, but no dates or pricing are known as of yet.  Also, due to some odd model numbering – GT-I9020A as opposed to SGH-Ixx7 – the speculation is that this will be sold through retailers as opposed to via AT&T itself.

An AT&T compatible version of the Galaxy S was pretty much a foregone conclusion after various certifications showed that it had 850 and 1900MHz 3G bands, both of which are compatible with the carrier.

The best guess is you’ll be able to pick this handset up for $99 when it hits retailers in the near future.

[via PocketNow]