Verizon Samsung Galaxy NexusApple is still going after Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus in the courtroom. Still. Even after the iPhone maker managed to get the device banned (which was then sidestepped with a software update), the case has yet to meet a final conclusion. Now we’re at a point where the court is discussing whether the device should be banned during the duration of the trial.

As we await a verdict, Samsung admitted Nexus sales aren’t in the same league as the iPhone anyway, and therefore shouldn’t be considered a threat.

According to Bloomberg, following comments by Apple lawyer Mark Perry, who argued the Nexus was “the beat-Apple strategy,” Samsung lawyer John Quinn said the device poses “no threat” if it were to remain on the market. Apple is arguing that the Nexus is violating its “Universal Search” feature.

Quinn may actually have a point — after its release, the Nexus generated $250 million in revenue in two quarters. In comparison, Apple sold $16.2 billion worth of iPhones. Quinn said by those figures, the Nexus is “minuscule.” So minuscule, in fact, that the Korean company believes no irreparable harm has been done to Apple.

The panel of judges gave no indication when they would rule on this particular appeal; the actual trial isn’t schedule to kick off until March 2014.

[via Bloomberg]