Samsung has entered into a $100 million deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to provide tablets and laptops for referee use, The Wall Street Journal said Monday. Referees will be able to use Samsung's products to review plays after making calls. The deal also comes with a benefit to Samsung, which will apparently receive custom content for its products from the NBA, though exactly what kind of content is still unclear.

The three-year deal is a big move for Samsung, which is taking business away from HP and Haier Group, The Wall Street Journal said. Those two companies used to provide the NBA with televisions for play reviews on the court.

While it will be useful for the referees during NBA games, the hope is that consumers also see Samsung's products being used on the sidelines and that it helps expand Samsung's brand name in the U.S. Not that there are really any concerns on that front — the company's TVs, smartphones and tablets are already hugely successful in the United States.  The 2013 NBA season kicks off Tuesday, Oct. 29 in the U.S.