Galaxy Note 2 TwitterIs the next "Next Big Thing" on its way, or are we just getting Samsung'ed? An innocuous tweet by Samsung Mobile Arabia aimed at building excitement seems to hint that the Galaxy Note 2, which we heard about just this week, does indeed exist.

According to the previous report, the phone/tablet hybrid is allegedly going to get even bigger than its 5.3-inch predecessor. In addition, the device will implement a flexible unbreakable plane (UBP) display, Android Jelly Bean and Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad CPU.

It's worth noting that Samsung Mobile Arabia isn't the official Samsung channel, but it is associated with the Korean brand. Still, if true, spouting out a device that has thus far only existed in Rumorland seems like a mighty slip up, but we'll take the unofficial confirmation.

No specs or information was otherwise revealed, so for now lets keep our excitement level at a simmer. The Galaxy S III is just hitting consumer hands here in the U.S., so you can bet Samsung won't want to spoil that device's welcoming for at least a few weeks. Though, when you think about it, the Galaxy Note 2's expected October arrival isn't that far off, so perhaps we'll hear confirmation sooner rather than later.

[via SamMobile, @SamsungMobileME (Twitter)]