The future of Samsung isn't Air View or Air Gesture, or any other variation of futuristic digit hovering. Instead, the company envisions something straight out of X-Men: controlling smartphones and tablets with one's mind. This isn't just something Samsung hopes to keep confined in a lab somewhere either, it wants to take things mainstream.

The company is apparently working with researchers at the University of Texas to see how EEG caps and mobile technology can work together. At the moment, the use-cases are being developed around those with disabilities, but Samsung could one day take things one step further.

Once users wear the EEG caps, electrical activity along their scalp is measured, which then allows them to make selections by simply focusing on an icon. The accuracy apparently hovers in the 80 to 95 percent range, with frequency of selections around five seconds.

So while Google develops Glass, Samsung wants people to control their gadgets with their mind, and their mind alone. EEG caps aren't exactly the most elegant looking accessories, but researchers hope to make something that would be more comfortable and less intrusive throughout the day. That doesn't mean we'll ever see something like this actually come to market, but strides are being made toward a more mind-controlled future.