Samsung confirmed it’ll take advantage of Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard. In the near future, Samsung Messages and Android Messages will embrace Rich Communication Services (RCS). Both platforms would then support full interoperability for enhanced messaging across a large number of devices.

The collaboration should let Samsung Messages and Android Messages work together flawlessly. As long as anyone in a conversation uses a compatible device with either app, they’ll enjoy the long-promised benefits of RCS — typing indicators, group chats, read receipts, high-resolution media, and more.

Several months ago, Google announced Chat. That’s the name for its RCS standard. The major U.S. carriers are signed on, but hardware manufacturers need to get behind the technology as well.

If Android Messages will ever rival iMessage, the Mountain View-based company needs its most important partner to get active. Samsung sells more mobile devices than anyone else. While there wasn’t much detail left in its press release, it’s still a huge positive to see Samsung voice its support.

There are already select Galaxy-branded devices with RCS-based features, but Samsung’s commitment should get very serious in early 2019. It’ll reach the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy S8. Even the Galaxy A and Galaxy J series should benefit.

Based on Samsung’s announcement, it sounds like enhanced messaging will be an integral part of Android 9.0 Pie. So that’s why we think next year marks the beginning of Google’s big RCS push.

With the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer on-board, let’s hope Google can recruit additional names as quickly as possible.