Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom-VS-S4-Mini-Back

Samsung has reportedly merged its wireless and camera businesses into one unit, according to a story from ETNews published recently, which said that the company did so in an effort to "capture the largest share of the global mirrorless camera market in 2015." That suggests that Samsung may put an even bigger focus on the quality of the cameras in its smartphones, particularly those with advanced optics like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy NX Camera and Galaxy Camera.

"We will transplant the brand, sales networks, software competency and manufacturing competitiveness of the Wireless Business Division into the Camera Business Division, and integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions into competency for differentiating our smartphones," an unnamed Samsung source told the news outlet.

The move does seem to make a lot of sense, particularly because Samsung has started to outfit its cameras with smartphone operating systems such as Android, and because it's adding better cameras to its smartphones. With one group, the teams from both mobile and camera segments can work more closely together, we imagine, and push the boundaries of both connected cameras and camera-loaded smartphones even further.