Samsung Younghee LeeIn addition to creating beautiful, user friendly products, Apple has developed a buzz and cult-like following unrivaled by its competitors. Maybe that’s why they’ve catapulted back up to the being the most valuable company in the world. Under the leadership of the late Steve Jobs, the Cupertino-based company has become the obsession of the tech world, from its iPads, to its iPhones, many consumers have a desire for Apple products rarely seen elsewhere. That doesn’t mean other companies aren’t dreaming of that kind of status.

Samsung marketing executive Younghee Lee wants to achieve Apple-level excitement by engaging “with consumers from the bottom of their heart, and not just be a big and functional and rational and reasonable brand.” Lee doesn’t want Samsung consumers to merely think about the company’s products, but feel something about them, too. Lee admitted, “especially in the U.S., people are obsessed with Apple,” but that “it’s time to change people’s attention.”

One way Lee hopes to take on such lofty ambitions is by speaking “in the language of consumers, rather than in geek speak.” This is perhaps no more apparent than in Samsung’s latest ads in which the company attacks iPhones and Apple’s fanatical user base. Rather than list off the Galaxy S II’s specs, the ad focuses on convincing consumers the Samsung-made device is the better option.

Lee not only wants to convince consumers that Samsung’s products are the better choice, but a lifestyle and feeling – similar to the buzz that surrounds Apple. “Mobile can be a symbol of who you are,” Lee said. “A lot of people believe ‘what I have in my hands is me.’”

Samsung reportedly has a huge ad lined up for the Super Bowl that’ll introduce consumers to its monstrous Galaxy Note. Whether it’ll leave the millions and millions of viewers feeling, and not just thinking, remains to be seen.

[via All Things D]