Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

We saw it teased in a pretty enormous banner on Sunday, and now Samsung has gone ahead and made the Galaxy Note 10.1 official. Banking off a positive public response for its Note smartphone, Samsung has almost doubled the size to offer a new tablet experience that expands on the Galaxy Note’s impressive feature set.

Now with a much larger display, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is bringing multi-screen functionality to the masses for true multi-tasking. Consumers can now view Internet pages, videos and applications side by side while writing out notes and sketching ideas. This will, if implemented properly, take creativity, productivity and learning to an all new level.

Samsung’s S Note feature will provide users with a tool to combine notes and sketches with content on the web, making for some pretty unique “personalized storyboards.” It’s a good thing SOPA hasn’t passed. By integrating “knowledge search engines,” Samsung’s S Note can quickly search, obtain info and drag and drop images, all without having to switch screens.

In addition, ready-to-use templates, like meeting minutes, recipe, cards, diary, magazine and more, will allow users to easily create stories and share with colleagues, family and friends. There’s a Shape Match function for hand-drawn geometric shapes for more productive and organized storyboards.

“Students can watch a lecture live-streamed on video while writing down comments on S Note; research a college essay on the web while taking notes; or even read a full e-textbook while annotating it,” Samsung said in a press release. “Similar to the Shape Match, Formula Match function helps to correct and digitize formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, making the device a more powerful education tool.”

The Note 10.1 also comes with Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas that are both optimized for the S pen and exclusive to Samsung’s new tablet. Photoshop Touch gives users access to layers, edits, effects and more, while Adobe Ideas is essentially a drawing tool for sketching out ideas with tools for color themes and image importing.

“With GALAXY Note 10.1 we are demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to extend the mobile category and are working with key partners like Adobe to provide extraordinary experiences for users that enable them to be more productive, express themselves creatively and add a touch of fulfillment to their lives.”

Wow. And we haven’t even touched on the specs. The fancy new Note will run Android 4.0 straight out of the gate, and feature a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, HSPA+, 16/32/64GB internal storage (microSD up to 32GB), 7,000mAH battery, TouchWiz and a 10.1-inch WXGA(1280×800) PLS TFT display.

We can’t wait to see this one in action. Once we see one showing off on the display floor, we’ll be sure to see how the awesome sounding multi-screen functionality handles. This one seems like a homerun for students, artists and anyone else who might need advanced multi-tasking capabilities in a tablet. Quite honestly, who doesn’t?