Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

The ongoing global legal fights between Samsung and Apple seem to have become a daily occurrence with each side racking up minor victories in various jurisdictions. The latest ruling to come down was in France, and this time it fell to Apple.

After losing a fight to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab tablets in the U.S. back on December 5, Apple won the right to continue selling the iPhone 4S in France until a full court case can be heard.  According to Bloomberg, French Judge Marie-Christine Courboulay said , "The disproportionate character of the ban sought by Samsung against Apple is clear."  She went on to order Samsung to pay Apple 100,000 euros ($134,100 USD) in legal fees, but denied the company's request for damages.  She did rule, however, that the patent infringement claims can move forward as a regular case, but no timeline as to when that might happen were mentioned.

The two companies currently have 30 lawsuits pending against one another all across the European Union with the next one coming up on December 16 in Milan, Italy which once again sees Samsung in the plaintiff's chair.

What do you think of all these lawsuits going on between Apple and Samsung?

[via Bloomberg]