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As the Korean electronics giant is suffers its second patent loss against Apple in as many weeks, it certainly seems as if it's Samsung that's coming off worse in the ongoing legal battles between the two companies. Two of its three patent infringement claims have now been ruled out by a German court, the latest of which relates to 3G/UMTS technologies.

The blow comes from the same court that rejected Samsung's first claim of the trio. Once again, the judge presiding over the case, Andreas Voss, chose not to disclose the reasons behind the court's decision. However, it could be that Apple is licensed for the technology that Samsung claims it is infringing.

The Cupertino company has argued that the 3G/UMTS chipsets used in its iPhone are produced by Qualcomm — which already has the necessary licensing agreement in place with Samsung to use its technology in the chipsets — and that Samsung is attempting to claim royalties from both companies for the same product.

The ruling comes as a surprise to IP expert Florian Mueller, who runs FOSS Patents and also attended the hearing. According to Mueller, the second of the three cases looked to be the most promising for Samsung so far.

A decision on the third case will be made on March 2.

Do you think Samsung will get lucky with its third claim, or will Apple be handed a clean sweep?

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