Samsung and LG are reportedly battling over eye-tracking technology that's used in flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and the Optimus G Pro. The story was first reported by Yonhap News, which suggested that a patent battle could be in the cards but didn't specifically say if the two firms were ready to hit the court room just yet.

LG is still looking at its patent applications, which were filed in 2009, before it decides on litigation the news outlet said. Samsung reportedly said it doesn't believe it infringes on any of LG's patents, although this wouldn't be the first time the two have battled over intellectual property.

Oddly, the technology is more of a face-tracking tech instead of "eye-tracking." Both phones simply check to see if you're still looking at the screen. If you are, the screen will stay on. If you're not, Samsung and LG both have technology that pauses video and offers other user-friendly (albeit admittedly gimmicky) features.