Samsung is gearing to release a foldable device early next year, but that design might already be outdated.

A new patent published by the USPTO reveals Samsung is considering a device that features a trifold design. If you're having trouble imagining that in your head, take a look a the gallery above.

Unlike Samsung's "Galaxy F" smartphone, which folds down the middle like a book, the latest patent shows a trifold design that expands into a massive tablet. Imagine being able to fold Samsung's Galaxy Tab A into the size of a smartphone. That appears to be the idea.

Samsung hasn't publicly indicated it's considering a trifold device, but with its Infinity Flex technology now in the open, anything is possible. However, just because a patent has been filed doesn't mean a device is being made.

What we do know is that Samsung will introduce foldable device early next year. Whether it catches on with consumers remains to be seen.

Check out the images revealed in the patent up above.