Samsung on Monday released the first commercial for its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The advertisement focuses on life experiences, such as meeting new people, having a baby or attending a wedding. The commercial lists several ways in which the phone can become a part of your life instead of focusing on hard specs. "It understands you," the commercial says, "shares what's in your heart," "keeps track of loved ones," "[recognizes] who you are," "follows your every move," "sees your best side," "connects with nature," and "waits till you're asleep." The commercial wraps up with the statement, "Samsung Galaxy S III, Designed for Humans."

Samsung is inadvertently going over the phone's features: You can use the Galaxy S III to share/view photos and videos. It also recognizes your face so that the display will remain off/on depending on whether or not you're using it, follows you using GPS and sees your best side with its "Best Photo" option. The Galaxy S III also offers several features not hinted at in the commercial, such as S Voice, which provides a Siri-like experience.