Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy Note 4-7

Samsung may have disappointed some people by giving the Galaxy S6 a non-removable battery that doesn’t last very long, but the company just came up with a pretty good solution. New research from the South Korean giant reveals a breakthrough that could almost double the battery life of future devices.

Basically, the Galaxy-maker has figured out how to coat its batteries with graphene. The conductive material is actually grown right on a silicon carbide substance which can be combined with a lithium battery. The result is a battery that lasts 1.8-1.5 times as long thanks to the layered structure of Samsung’s graphene.

The report notes that this new battery technology could extend far beyond smartphones and tablets. Samsung’s new batteries might also improve electric vehicles, giving your car a longer range before it needs to be recharged. For most of us though, the big news is better battery life for our mobile devices.

Unfortunately it could be a few years before this new technology can make the jump from Samsung’s research lab to its smartphone factories. Until then, we’re likely stuck with the same old batteries, though we should still see some incremental improvements in the near future.