Google's self-driving cars are already cruising the streets, while Apple's rumored automobile remains a mystery. Now another tech giant wants to muscle its way into the industry.

Reuters reports that Samsung recently announced plans for a new division focused on car-related projects. However, it doesn't sound like the company has plans to release a Galaxy Car any time soon. Instead, the team will focus on individual features like autonomous driving, satellite navigation and in-car entertainment.

The goal is likely to secure a place in the auto industry and establish a new source of revenue. If Samsung can develop its own self-driving car software, or a killer infotainment system, it could sell that technology to more established carmakers. The South Korean giant also boasts well-established battery and electrical component divisions that could quickly scale into this new field. The new team will apparently operate separately from other divisions, though it will still be able to interact with other arms of the company.

Samsung's smartphone division has been struggling, and the company may see the auto industry as an opportunity to improve its fortunes. Whether the South Korean giant can compete with Google, Apple and Tesla along with more established car makers remains to be seen.