Google-Android-Jelly_Bean-5.0-Dark-ZoomGalaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1 owners awaiting the arrival of Jelly Bean will have to practice a bit more patience, Samsung said. The company announced during its IFA keynote that Jelly Bean for the two devices is coming "very soon." Still vague enough to mean not until the end of the year, but also very hopeful. Maybe we'll see it in a few days, maybe a few months. An official Android 4.1 build for S III hit the scene earlier this month, so we'd imagine the update to be just around the corner. And for you Galaxy Note owners, Samsung didn't acknowledge an update was on the way, though the device did show up on a slide when the company was discussing Google's latest OS. We'll be sure to hit you with the news as soon as we get wind of the updates being made available.

[via Engadget]