Samsung has filed a new logo trademark in South Korea suggesting it has not abandoned its long-gestating plan to release a pair of smart glasses that would work in a similar fashion to Google Glass. Rumors of Samsung working on smart glasses date back to 2013, with rumblings continuing until 2014 when news of the development went radio silent. That was until this latest trademark filing.

According to SamMobile, the logo trademark filing was done with a description of the product that sounds a whole lot like smart glasses: “Computerized vision-assisted eyewear consisting of a camera.” Another description used in the trademark filing rang a similar tone: “Computer hardware for analyzing and configuring vision-assisting eyewear.”

The logo itself is very simple: a refined square with two rounded corners and an eye in the middle. There’s not much to it.

Early reports for Samsung’s smart glasses detailed a functionality that would work like Google Glass, but offer more features. As to what these features are, that remains unclear. These reports also suggest the glasses would be called Galaxy Glass or Gear Glass.

But smart glasses haven’t quite broke through with consumers. Google Glass never truly caught on and was eventually scrapped. Snapchat’s Spectacles were also a flop.

It’s unclear how Samsung would ensure its smart glasses won’t suffer a similar fate, and that may be a contributing reason why it delayed the project for so long. Even with all of the cameras around, people are still apprehensive about someone using eyeglasses with a camera attached.

If there’s anything we can ascertain from the trademark filing it’s that Samsung is not done yet with its plan for smart glasses.