Samsung’s latest smartphone features its best fingerprint reader yet, but the company could be moving in a new direction when it comes to biometric technology. The Galaxy-maker recently teamed up with SRI International (the people behind Siri) to develop a new tablet with a built-in eye-recognition scanner that it claims is 1,000 times more accurate than a fingerprint reader.

The first device to come out of the partnership is a modified version of the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 meant for business customers over regular consumers. SRI will sell the new eye-scanning device later this year after an official unveiling at the ISC West conference in April. The company expects the technology to be a hit anywhere security and identity confirmation are important, citing airports as an obvious example.

We’d love to see Samsung bring the same technology to its flagship gadgets, though one key issue could be holding back a mass market eye-scanning device. SRI hasn’t said how much the new tablet will cost, and considering the target client we have a feeling it won’t come cheap. Hopefully it doesn’t take Samsung and SRI too long to get that price down to something more manageable.