We’ve seen Samsung and Apple take shots at each other for many years, but this latest television advertisement from the South Korean company brings things to a new level.

Samsung’s throwing shade at Apple for unwise decisions it’s made in the ten years leading up to the iPhone X. The ad shows us a young man who’s spent his entire life buying iPhone after iPhone until he realizes, in 2017, it’s time to switch to a Galaxy. It’s called “Growing Up” and has already generated millions of views online.

The ad starts with the young man observing the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. People are lined up outside of an Apple Store, so he too decides to pick up one. Three years later, he goes to take a picture but runs into an issue where his phone doesn’t have enough internal storage. That would, of course, have been prevented if he had a Galaxy with a microSD card.

A few years go by and our protagonist is swapping numbers with a potential love interest when he notices his iPhone 5S is a bit small compared to the Galaxy Note 3. So, in 2015, he stands in the rain outside of an Apple Store waiting for the iPhone 6 because of the new Plus model. That phone didn’t have water resistance, though, and in 2016 his iPhone takes a dip in a lake. His solution? Toss it in a bowl of rice. Meanwhile, his friend’s Galaxy handled everything just fine.

In 2017, he’s using the iPhone 7 that doesn’t have a headphone jack; therefore, to use wired earbuds and charge his phone simultaneously he must use a dongle. His girlfriend’s Galaxy, however, is sitting cozy on a wireless charging pad. That was it, and then the time came for him to upgrade to a Galaxy.

Now, after ten years of staying with the iPhone, he switches to a Galaxy Note 8. Immediately the young man sends a handwritten message using the S Pen to let everyone know what phone he got. And, in November 2017, he watches as people foolishly wait in line for a phone they could’ve bought online. He even spots a man waiting for the iPhone X who has a matching notch for a hairline.

There’s no denying Samsung put together a clever ad here, and the company’s been on a roll in recent weeks. Last month, Google received a massive jab from Samsung because of the Pixel 2 XL’s issues involving the display. With the iPhone X being promoted as a revolutionary product, Samsung wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to mock Apple.