Samsung’s already cozied up with Oculus to develop its own Gear VR headset, but the South Korean company just made another big bet on the future of virtual technology. The Galaxy-maker has reportedly made a sizable investment in Fove, a VR startup that boasts eye-tracking controls.

The new headset, which is currently in the midst of an already successful Kickstarter campaign, lets you control the action with your eyes. You can aim and shoot by simply looking at video game enemies, or make eye contact with virtual characters just like you would in real life. The device also features head-tracking technology and a high resolution display with a wide field of view.

For anyone already following Fove, the really big news is that, thanks to Samsung, the company can go ahead with plans to incorporate Valve’s Lighthouse technology. This is the same feature included in the HTC Vive, which tracks where you are in a room and makes sure you don’t bump into anything. If you get too close to a wall you’ll see a virtual grid actually appears in virtual reality as a warning.

That’s great news for anyone who’s already backed Fove on Kickstarter. As for Samsung, maybe we’ll see some of this eye-tracking technology included in a future version of Gear VR, which could give the company a pretty big advantage moving forward.