Apple came up with a pretty clever security system for its first smartwatch, but Samsung may have an even better idea up its sleeve. A recent patent from the South Korean company reveals how future Gear devices could recognize your identity by looking at your veins.

The patent, which was filed last summer and published earlier this month, details how the futuristic wearable device would work. The design relies on a built-in infrared light that makes it possible for a camera to register the veins in the back of your hand. Samsung could then use that information to authenticate your identity for various apps and services.

You could potentially use this feature to log into Facebook and Twitter, or even make a mobile payment with Samsung Pay. The company also notes that multiple people can register their veins to the same device, making it possible to easily share your smartwatch with friends and family.

It’s actually a pretty brilliant idea, since putting a fingerprint reader or eye scanner on a smartwatch would make it awkward to use. Images included with the patent also suggest the extra technology wouldn’t add much bulk, which is definitely a plus.

Exciting indeed, but no word if this will ever end up in a real product.