We’re always impressed with how well Samsung’s S Pen works. The Galaxy Note stylus gets better every year, and the South Korean company may have a new idea for how to make its S Pen even more useful in future devices.

A recent Samsung patent reveals how the company could design a stylus that ejects from your phone or tablet automatically. Spotted by Patently Mobile, the filing suggests you could quickly remove the S Pen with a voice command or a gesture. In response, the device would use built-in electromagnets to push the stylus into your hand. The patent also includes a possible warning message that would let you know if the auto-eject system fails.

The invention may seem a little unnecessary (is it really that hard to manually remove your stylus?), but it could give Samsung another small advantage over the competition. Voice commands might also make it possible to grab the S Pen with just one hand, which could be useful if you’re using your Galaxy Note device to take notes while sitting at a table.

It could be a while before Samsung actually implements these ideas, and we don’t expect the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 to feature an auto-ejecting stylus. Then again, it’s a pretty small improvement compared to some of the crazier things we’ve seen Samsung patent, so maybe this one isn’t so far away from becoming a reality.