When Google Glass first hit the market, people complained that the technology made it too easy to secretly snap photos in public. So just imagine how the public will react if Samsung ever debuts this camera-equipped contact lens it just patented in Korea.

The patent, which was filed back in 2014, actually focuses on augmented reality applications for the smart contact lens. The design also includes a display for overlaying digital images onto the real world, along with an antenna and sensors for tracking your eye movements. The experience would be powered by a synced smartphone.

Samsung’s augmented reality contact lens sounds pretty awesome, but there’s no guarantee the company will ever make this concept a reality. Then again, the South Korean giant already has a trademark for “Gear Blink,” suggesting it could be paving the way for an actual product.

If this smart contact lens ever gets an official launch we’ll have to reckon with the privacy implications. But for now, it’s fun to imagine the augmented reality experience it could offer.