Nokia Lumia 900 004Is Samsung about to pull a Google? Reports out of Finland suggest the Korean company and Galaxy S III maker is preparing an offer to purchase Nokia for around $15 billion euros. The rumor, relayed by SamMobile, doesn’t provide any evidence to back the report, and there hasn’t been a comment from either Samsung or Nokia (naturally). SamMobile did say, however, that the potential acquisition is being fueled by the desire for Nokia’s patents which, in today’s lawsuit-happy landscape, doesn’t surprise us.

We’re skeptical, to say the least, that such an acquisition is in the pipeline. Let’s pretend for one second the news was confirmed: What kind of effect would this have on the relationship between Microsoft and Nokia? And would this mean future Samsung designs will be different? If that means less plastic, I don’t think too may folks would be complaining.

[via SamMobile]