Foldable phones are real, and Samsung would like to make them mainstream before anyone else in the mobile industry.

The South Korean company introduced a flexible OLED panel during its developer conference this week. There’s not much to say about availability for a consumer-ready device, but Samsung appears to be very serious about mastering the futuristic form factor. It combines elements of a phone and a tablet into a single product.

It’s called the Infinity Flex Display. From the prototype, Samsung’s using it on a multi-screen device. The exterior has a traditional OLED panel, but it unfolds into a larger OLED panel for more immersive use.

Google, meanwhile, made an announcement of its own in cooperation. Moving forward, Android will support foldable phones. The platform enables hardware manufacturers to create one-screen and two-screen variants while software adapts.

Samsung says it’ll unveil its a consumer-ready device with an Infinity Flex Display in early 2019. We’ll let you know as soon as additional information emerges.