Your next Galaxy could have Samsung’s groundbreaking display design even if you choose to get a mid-range phone. The South Korean company would like to expand the availability of its Infinity Display to more affordable mobile devices, according to the Korea Herald.

It’d be a decision based entirely on increasing profitability by bundling more value with hardware that’s traditionally less expensive to make.

Although the Infinity Display may seem like it’s been around for a long time, it was actually only introduced last year. The Infinity Display has been featured on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Before those two flagships, Samsung utilized curved edges on other high-end phones.

The Infinity Display name was introduced in 2017 when Samsung decided to shrink the bezels above and below the display while keeping the curved edges. Near the end of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy A8 (2018) was announced with an all-screen front but still had noticeable bezels on the sides. The new report clearly lays out that the company wants to bring curved edges to mid-range phones like the Galaxy A8 as early as this year.

There should be little pushback against the transition to the Infinity Display across the company’s lineup. Everyone trusts Samsung to make attractive displays, including Apple.

Competition from other Asian manufacturers has been tough, so Samsung is seeking to separate itself by targeting a segment of the market often overlooked when it comes to innovation. The mid-range segment recently started adding displays with 18:9 aspect ratio, and including the Infinity Display could give Samsung’s offerings that extra boost.

The main reason for concern would be cost. Samsung’s mid-range phones aren’t exactly the cheapest. But maybe consumers would be fine paying a little more money if they have a phone with the Infinity Display rather than a flat, bezel-heavy face.