Galaxy Note 3 Tiny Screen

Are your tiny hands too small for the mammoth 5.7-inch screen on the Galaxy Note 3? Is it difficult for your bitty thumbs to type stretching beyond their normal capacity? Not to worry because Samsung has you covered with a secret "tiny screen" mode you can find and activate in the phone's settings menu.

Android Central stumbled on the function, which allows the huge resolution of the 5.7-inch screen to be shrunk down into a normal smartphone-sized screen with just the swipe of a button. It functions similarly to a window on a desktop and can be stretched and moved to any location on the display.

While it is still big and bulky for two handed typing, Samsung included the mode for those who wish to use the Galaxy Note 3 with one hand. Why would one drop a large amount of cash on a Galaxy Note 3 if they only intend to use one hand though?

You can check out a video below instructing how to set and use the function. Any interest in giving it a shot and seeing how it works?