Samsung Illusion

Perhaps someone was a bit too quick to toot their own horn over a new handset being certified as being green, but it’s a bonus for phone fans as it allowed us to get our first glimpse of the Samsung Illusion.

The picture you see up top appeared of the Samsung Illusion on Samsung’s official Flickr stream yesterday  It appears to be a new low to mid-range Android handset that has yet to receive an official announcement.  The page doesn’t offer up any information about the actual specs of the device, but instead talks about it having just received its certification as a green device.

Samsung mobile phones have been awarded a “green” certificate by one of the most reliable establishment in the US. Samsung announced on September 15 that its two mobile phone models including Ever Green phone (SGH-A667) and Illusion phone (SCH-I110) won a certificate of SPC (Sustainable Product Certification) by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US, an independent product safety certification organization, expanding its “green” phone line-up into three which also include Replenish (SPH-M580).

The SPC certificate ensures that a product concerned has passed just about any rigorous standard in relation to sustainability: without using hazardous material, high energy-efficiency, ease of lengthening a product life cycle and the maker’s “green” efforts during the whole process of manufacturing.

The main reason this is intriguing is for the sole fact that this phone has yet to be unveiled.  Perhaps Samsung doesn’t care about the usual dog-and-pony show on this one, or maybe someone slipped, who knows.  What we’ve heard thus far is that it is probably sporting an 800 MHz processor, but even that has yet to be confirmed.

We’ll bring you more info as we get it about this upcoming new addition to the Verizon lineup.

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