We’ll get an official glimpse at the Galaxy S6—or maybe it’s the S Edge?—on Sunday, March 1. Media invites for Samsung’s next big announcement were sent out late Monday evening, with a peculiar picture in tow.

The image is sleek, mysterious, with a slight hint of grandeur. “What’s next,” the invite says. Not, “The Next Big Thing Is Here.” I like this new approach. It’s understated, daring even.

Now just what the heck is that in the image above? We’re trying to figure that out. We’ve heard a lot of conflicting rumors about the Galaxy S6, so your guess is as good as ours; heck, the invite could be for something else entirely, though we’re confident this is Samsung’s new flagship.

It features an angled design, though it’s difficult to discern what part of the device that is; the top, bottom, side, front, back? Who knows. But we’re very, very intrigued, and can’t wait to find out more. Many people have pointed out a striking resemblance to the Note Edge (think of that silver strip as the chamfered edge, with the angled portion sloping down at the corner), which means the event could definitely introduce the S Edge.

We’ll be in attendance, bringing you all the latest news from inside the show.