Samsung is widely known for its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, but it hasn’t forgotten about the low-end market. The Korean smartphone-maker this week updated its budget J-series with key new improvements in design and specs.

The J5 and J7 got a redesign that gives it a similar design to the Galaxy S8, minus the Infinity Display. It’s the same thing Samsung did earlier this year with the J3. What they do include is an HD Super AMOLED display, 16GB of storage with microSD expandability, quad-core 1.6Ghz processor and a 13MP camera on the front and back.

The J5 has a 5.2-inch display along with 2GB of RAM while the J7 has a 5.5-inch display with 3GB of RAM. Impressive specs that look all the better when you consider their pricing. The J5 will cost $314 (€279) and the J7 will cost $382 (€339). Both will be available in black and gold.

Unfortunately, neither device will make its way into the U.S. You’ll have to settle for the J3, the only model of the J-series available in the U.S. through AT&T for $179.

The J5 will be available in Europe later this month, while the J7 is set to launch in July.