According to The Korea Herald, Samsung can now test out self-driving car technology on public roads—but don't expect to see a Samsung car. The company is instead said to be focusing on creating sensors and computer parts along with artificial intelligence and "deep-learning" software. The report mentions the car Samsung will be using is a modified Hyundai.

Samsung's decision to focus on sensors and software is similar to what Apple is doing, opting to focus on the software aspect after it scrapped plans for its own self-driving car. But contrary to Apple, Samsung will also create its own sensor technology whereas Apple is using third-party parts. Just last week, we saw the first video of Apple's self-driving Lexus SUV roaming the streets of Silicon Valley.

There's still no word on how far along Samsung is with its car technology.

South Korea seeing interest boom in self-driving cars

South Korea is seeing a boom in interest pertaining to self-driving cars. Within the last year alone, it has granted nearly 20 government permits to companies, with Samsung being the latest. Hyundai was the first to be granted the permit.