There’s been plenty of speculation that Samsung would follow up the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with a Google Glass-style wearable device, and a new patent spotted by The Wall Street Journal today appears to confirm the rumors. Filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), the patent describes a set of “sports glasses” that connect to your smartphone.

Like Google Glass, Samsung’s patent describes a small display, that would show incoming notifications, as well as a built-in camera. Unlike Glass however, the Galaxy-maker’s design adds built-in earbuds for listening to music and appears to sync with your handset via a physical micro-USB cord, though it’s likely the final version would be wireless.

Samsung has yet to confirm it’s working on a Google Glass competitor, but the company has a clear interest in wearable technology. With the launch of its first smartwatch, it became clear that Samsung sees wearables as the future of consumer electronics, even while it continues to release updated smartphones. We just hope the company learns from its mistakes with the Galaxy Gear when it comes to this new device.