Samsung Galaxy S7 Black-1

Samsung has rolled out an update for its Always On Display feature on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to give users greater control. Instead of just activating or deactivating it, you can now create a schedule that takes care of it automatically.

Always On Display is a terrific feature, and Samsung insists it doesn't burn a lot of battery life. But there are times when you simply don't need it, so even burning a little bit of extra juice is a waste. No one wants to keep enabled and disabling it manually, though.

Now you don't have to. With the latest Always On Display update, you can create a custom time range in which Always On Display is active.

So, if you don't need to see the time at the office, where it's right in front of you all day on a monitor already, you can have it enable automatically at home time, then remain on until it's time to start work again the next day.

Samsung has also made some changes to the Galaxy S7 edge's Night Clock feature. You can now enable it for a maximum of 18 hours (up from 12), and if Night Clock overlaps with your Always On Display schedule, your device will automatically default to the former.

Finally, Samsung has swapped the Dual Clock option in the Clock app to World Clock, and now gives users the ability to choose up to four different clocks from around the world, which will all be displayed at the same time.

To grab this update, simply open up Galaxy App on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, and look for the Always On Display update.