The Sundance Film Festival kicked off this week, and alongside the latest independent films, visitors will also get a chance to try out the latest in virtual reality. Samsung’s Gear VR headset will make an appearance at the Park City festival, as will the Facebook-owned Oculus.

Samsung announced its Sundance plans on Friday, revealing three new virtual reality shorts, which it calls “experiences,” meant to showcase the new technology. There’s Herders, a 7-minute documentary about a family of Mongolian yak herders, and Strangers with Patrick Watson, which offers a window into the life of the Canadian singer-songwriter. Finally, the Fox-produced Wild – The Experience features a quick immersive take on the new Reese Witherspoon movie.

Oculus hasn’t announced official plans for the Sundance Film Festival, though the still-in-development headset is expected to make an appearance. A Wired report from last month revealed one company’s plans for an Oculus-powered combat trainer, with plenty more planned from other firms looking to break into the growing VR market.

It looks like the rush towards virtual reality isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and with Microsoft’s recent HoloLens announcement this may just be the start. Maybe Sundance 2016, visitors will be treated to an augmented reality experience as well, courtesy of Windows Holographic.