Samsung is getting closer to releasing its own VR headset; a new series of screenshots indicates the software-side of things is already good to go. Images acquired by SamMobile provide a glimpse at the companion apps that will go along with what appears to be Samsung’s VR experience, known as Samsung Gear VR. Like Google’s Cardboard, is appears Gear VR will rely on the Samsung device you already have to provide the VR experience.

Unlike Cardboard, however, Samsung’s headset looks much more polished and complete—we actually saw a picture, courtesy of SamMobile, earlier this month. Samsung’s Gear VR, incidentally, is expected to launch at IFA in Berlin, which is set to kick off in early September.

gear vr

According to the screenshots, there’s an entire setup wizard dedicated to getting Gear VR users up to speed. Aside from the usual End User License Agreement, users will be required to download a handful of apps, including VR Panorama, VR Cinema and a HMT Manager, which is expected to be an early version of VR Manager.

While SamMobile wasn’t able to dig into the Panorama or Cinema apps, it did provide a look at HMT Manager. The images confirm that the Gear VR will have a touch pad on the side, which allows users to navigate the headset. There’s also a back button just above the touch pad—the slide says “reight” side, so it’s definitely not final yet.

Delving deeper, the manager app indicates users will be able to easily control the experience using S Voice, and there’s even a mode that will allow wearers to see what’s in front of them.

“At any screen, long press [the] back button to look outside,” the slide says.

That would indicate that the Gear VR would simply use your device’s front facing camera and project that image onto your eyeballs. You could seemingly walk around with the Gear VR mounted to your dome at all times, but I’m not so sure that’s the best idea. If you thought Google Glass users were the butt of jokes, just wait until Gear VR users are walking around your local park.