There’s a ton of buzz around virtual reality thanks to impressive headsets from Oculus, Sony and Samsung, but there’s still no easy way for most people to buy a VR device for themselves or even try one out. Now it looks like that’s finally about to change as Samsung reveals a plan to demo its Gear VR at Best Buy stores.

The first Gear VR demo unit was spotted at a Best Buy in southern California and quickly shared on Reddit. Soon afterward, Oculus-focused tech blog YouRift confirmed the story after visiting another Best Buy in Los Angeles. Both reports appear to confirm that Samsung plans to show off its new VR headset to the public, though for now you still can’t actually try one out for yourself.

The problem is that Gear VR only works with the Galaxy Note 4, which slides into the headset and works as its display. The Note 4 won’t be available in the U.S. until next month, so for now these Best Buy model units are just for show. It looks like you’ll also need to sign a waiver before using the device.

With the Galaxy Note 4 slated for U.S. release on Oct. 17 it shouldn’t be too much longer until Samsung starts demoing the Gear VR. We already had one chance to try out the device for ourselves, but we’re definitely curious to see what new apps the company will be ready to show off next month.