Samsung is teaming up with Qantas to make virtual reality the next big thing in in-flight entertainment. The Australian airline announced the news today, promising to offer a handful of Gear VR headsets for first class customers.

Gear VR will be available on select flights, though only in the first class cabin. The virtual reality headsets will also be stocked in the company’s first class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. Beyond the usual games and videos offered by Samsung, Qantas is commissioning its own content, starting with a tour of Australia’s Kadaku National Park.

It’s a pretty great idea. After all, riding in a plane means you’re pretty much stuck in your seat for hours. So why not strap on a headset and escape into a virtual world?

Of course, the fact that it’s limited to first class passengers means it’s not exactly an economical way to experience Gear VR. One first class ticket can costs thousands of dollars, while Samsung product only costs $200 to own, and don’t forget, you can also head to Best Buy for a free demo.