Samsung’s Gear S3 is rumored to arrive next month at IFA 2016, exactly a year after the Gear S2 made its debut. We still don’t really know what kind of upgrades the new smartwatch will offer, but a new report claims to reveal several new sensors headed to the upcoming wearable device.

According to SamMobile, the Gear S3 will pack a built-in GPS, a speedometer, a barometer and an altimeter. All those sensors should add up to another powerful fitness-focused wearable device, following the trend Samsung set with its Gear Fit 2.

GPS, which was missing from the Gear S2 but included in the Gear S2 3G, will make it possible to use maps even without an internet connection. It can also help track your runs and works with the built-in speedometer. With those two sensors, the Gear S3 should be able to measure your current and average speed for a more detailed post-run analysis.

The smartwatch’s new altimeter makes it possible to measure altitude, which is great for more extreme activities like mountain climbing, or tracking the number of stairs you climb in a day. The barometer, which measures atmospheric pressure, might be useful in similar situations. It can also predict the weather, and may warn you if it senses a storm is about to hit.

Beyond these new sensors, the Gear S3 is expected to stick with a familiar circular design. Samsung is reportedly working on some high-end models too. So it should have something to offer for everyone, even if you care more about design than fitness-tracking capabilities.